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This is a page of links that I have found useful in the context of researching cyberspace. Some of them are strictly to do with cyber-stuff, others are concerned with research method, ethnography and qualitative research. And because much of the success of PhD research depends on writing up, there are also links to things associated with that as well. Some things just don't fall easily into a particular category, so I've put them where I think they fit best.

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Qualitative Research Website

Ethnographic research resources

Qualitative Data Analysis: Technologies and Representations by Amanda Coffey, Beverley Holbrook and Paul Atkinson

Comparative Response to a Survey Executed by Post, E-mail, & Web Form Gi Woong Yun

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Internet research resources

Sociology and ethnography in cyberspace

Cyber Sociology

Telegarden studies

The archives of the now defunct cmc magazine - a treasure trove of insight into cmc research

Papers on community space and cyberspace

Garton: Studying Online Soial Networks

Miller & Mather: The Presentation of Self in WWW Home Pages

Paper: Global Participant Observation

Smith & Kollock: Communities in Cyberspace summaries & abstract

Smith & Kollock: Paper from their important book

Rheingold: The Virtual Community online

Home page of Howard Rheingold - *the* internet guru

Slack: On the Potentialities and Problems of a WWW Based Naturalistic Sociology

Coomber: Using the Internet for Survey Research

Journal of Computer mediated Communication

JCMC Vol 3 Issue 1 "Studying the Net"

Paccagnella: Getting the Seats of Your Pants Dirty: Strategies for Ethnographic Research on Virtual Communities

Jacobson: Doing Research in Cyberspace (in pdf)

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Sheffield University's Guide to referencing

Internet citation

An excellent guide to the Harvard system

Loads of referencing links

Thesis Survival Kit Web-pages

Cambridge University's "How to get a PhD"

How to Use a Standard Format for Your Bibliography

A Guide for Writing Research Papers Based on Modern Language Association (MLA) Documentation

A Guide for Writing Research Papers based on Styles Recommended by The American Psychological Association

Help for Writing Research Papers

How to write research papers

How to Write a PhD Thesis

How to organise your thesis

Directory of research links - very useful

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Preparing for the oral examination of your thesis

Nasty Viva Questions (and lots of advice)

UK Guide to PhD Standards

Loads of links that may be useful for research

Internet Statistics

Internet Grammar

"Networking on the Network" - a general guide to the whole business of being an academic

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