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The links on this page are concerned with ways in which people are doing theology or religious praxis in cyberspace - ways that are only or mainly relevant to the medium of computer mediated communication. I have included some more general forums and information as well. I'd especially welcome suggestions of things that can be added in here - anything experimental, exploratory or innovative.

Newsgroups and email lists

More newsgroups and email lists

Mailing lists

The Google Usenet archive - posts from 1981 to the present. You can also post to newsgroups through Google

An archive of older Usenet posts

One of many guides to netiquette - the common courtesies of Usenet

The charter of uk.religion.christian, the net news group I'm studying for my PhD

The metaFAQ of uk.religion.christian

Gerald Yuen's ukrc essentials

Rhiannon's uk.religion.christian site

A Who's Who for uk.religion.christian

Mark Goodge's ukrc pages, including reports and photos from all the meets

Online theology forums

More online theology forums

And yet more online theology forums

Feminist theology list

Time Mag's now famous article on religion online

List of on-line churches

The online ministry of Hubert the invisible Beaver Atheist

Online church - needs java

A universal, metaphysical, non-exclusionary cyber-church

Another cyber-Church

And another

And another...

And yet another!

This one is mainly just resources

One of the original cyber-churches - the First Church of Cyberspace

Nigerian cyber-church

Occult cyber church

The real Grace Cathedral, but also active in cyberspace

Choose your god - slow to load but worth the wait

Cyber-church of Rokerism spoof site

Comment and some links about cyber churches

The Diocese of Partenia - a virtual diocese set up by Bishop Jacques Gaillot when he was removed to the uninhabited diocese as a discipline by the RC Church

The Monastery of Christ in the Desert - associated with Thomas Merton

The Monks of Adoration - a real religious community with an active presence in cyberspace

The Universal Life Church - seems only to exist to provide and promote online ordination

United Christian Ministries International - online ordination with more doctrinal content

Ecunet - one of the original online Christian communities

Estochat - if I recall correctly, a spin-off from Ecunet

The Inter-faith Fellowship

Passover Seder online

Global Network Academy - not religious, but especialy concerned with issues of online community

All sorts of holidays, religious and secular, online

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