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This page is made up of links to documents, papers, speeches and comment all of which make a contribution to the study of cyberspace, mostly from the persepctive of theology. It includes experimental churches and communities, some of which seem rather frivolous. I've included them because one of the characteristics of religion in cyberspace is that it can be playful as a way of commenting on the serious pieties of conventional religious expression.

Recently added:

The David Lochhead Memorial Symposium in Vancouver 11-15 October 2006: Slides, papers and podcasts (Thanks to Dr Gary Kush)

Finding God in Cyberspace - one of my favourites

First Church of Cyberspace

Internet Liberation Theology - more internet and liberation than theology

Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua

Internet - A New Forum for Proclaiming the Gospel John Paul 11

Ethics of Internet - Pontifical Council document

Links to articles about issues in the theology of cyberspace

The Christian Message in a Computer Culture - John Paul 11

James Hayes-Bohanan, Ph.D.: Toward a Theology of the Web: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Cyberconsciousness

The Future of ARIL (The Association for Religion and Intellectual Life) in the Information Age Charles P. Henderson, Jr.

The Postmodern Desert: Solitude and Community in Cyberspace by Elisha Emery Obl.OSB Cam

The Emerging Faith Communities of Cyberspace by Charles Henderson

Prophetic Communities Online? Threat and promise for the church in cyberspace Dr. Charles Ess

Dr Lavinia Byrne: God in Cyberspace

Theology and the Internet (more of than and of)

Mark Pesce interviewed by Gordy Slack for the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences on October 28, 1997

Research Centre for Cyberculture Studies - not just theology

Christian think tank

Cambridge University's THESIS project

Excellent cybertheology links

Robin Hamman's cybersociology pages - important stuff

The Community Memory project

Virtual-Communities, Virtual Settlements & Cyber-Archaeology:A Theoretical Outline

James J O'Donnell: High-Tech Christianity

Theology in a Digital World - this page started me off on cybertheology!

Jeffrey K. Hadden: Introduction to Researching Religion in Cyberspace

Lorne L. Dawson: Cyberspace and Religious Life: Conceptualizing the Concerns and Consequences

Douglas E. Cowan: From Parchment to Pixels: The Christian Countercult on the Internet

Robert M. Fowler: How the Secondary Orality of the Electronic Age Can Awaken Us to the Primary Orality of Antiquity or What Hypertext Can Teach Us About the Bible with Reflections on the Ethical and Political Issues of the Electronic Frontier

Robert M. Fowler: Canon in the Electronic Age

James Hayes-Bohanan: Toward a Theology of the Web: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Cyberconsciousness

Dr Gary Bunt's page of Islamic internet theology

A tribute page to the first person to really take cybertheology seriously - the late David Lochhead

European Christian Internet Conference

Theological Agenda for Internet Virtual Reality (An abstract)Shun Kai Kevin Cheng

Cybertheology links - I'm listed here. Do I want to be listed as a nerd?

PBS's stories and links for the Internet, one of which is for religion

Wired Churches, Wired Temples: Taking congregations and missions into cyberspace. [T]he first extensive quantitative effort to discover how churches and synagogues in the United States use the Internet

Dr. Brenda E. Brasher: A course on "Religion and Cyberspace"

Prime Time Replay A transprint of a chat room discussion with Clark Adams on Religion in Cyberspace.

UFMCC General Conference July 1999 Workshop: Non-technical Internet Evangelism

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