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This page is concerned with places in cyberspace which act as rescources or forums for conventional theology. As far as possible, I've confined it to the serious study of and engagement with theology rather than including the zillions of pages of christian resources, testimonies and information for devotional and confessional use. A quick search on Google will supply you with sufficient links to that sort of stuff.

INDEX:  journals and periodicals - documents, texts and resources - specific religions, projects, religious organisations & denominations - specific theologies - fun stuff


Theology Today journal online

Online journal of Christian theology and philosophy

McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry online

Online journal of Reformed Theology

South Africal Bulletin of Centextual Theology

Online journal of lutheran theology

Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology

Online Global Journal of Classical Theology (evangelical)

The Tablet

The Lutheran

Church Times

List of online theological journals including many non christian ones

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Oxford University links to theology resources by subject area

American library link to theological resources

Texts and resources for philosophical theology

Online theology dictionary

Some interesting theology links, including other faiths

Blackwells theology and religion resources

Orthodox theology resources

Theology from a Bunch of Dead Guys - links to hitorical theological and religious texts

Bibliographies for theology in pdf format

Irish Theological Association homepage - links covering most areas of theology

18th century resources

SEDOS collection of papers and documents produced from within RC religious communities

The Society of Online Christian Theology and Philosophy

Comprehensive List of Academic Sites Devoted To Religion And Theology

General resources

The Ecole Initiative - primary historical theology texts online

The Humanities Gateway

The New Testament Gateway

NT specialist Mark Goodacre's theology resources

Christian Origins

Fides Quaerens - multifarious theological resources

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catholic Encyclopaedia

Catholic Documents and resources

Documents from the second Vatical Council (Vatican 2)

Documents from the Council of Trent

Project Gutenberg - out of copyright texts online

International Bible and Theology Gateways

All sorts of useful RE and theology resources

Christian resources - more useful and less pious than most

World Religion gateway

The Case Against Q - good stuff, imho

Monumental and excellent site on the TV programme "From Jesus to Christ"

Greek and Latin texts and excellent Greek lexikon

Koine Greek New Testament

Jonathan Robie's excellent "Little Greeks" page

Koine Greek language and linguistics gateway

A home page with (some broken) interesting theological & religion links

Glossary of Religious Terms by Alistair McGrath

Computer assisted ordinary theology

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The Theology Through the Arts project

Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre - Palestinian Liberation Theology

Corrymeela Community webpage

United Church of Christ

Quaker theology resources

Catholic Institute for Theology and Peace

Society for the Study of Theology

Edinburgh University Media and Theology Project

Islamic Theology links

Resources for Thomistic Theology

Taize online

Slightly non-Orthodox Jewish links

World Council of Churches

The official Vatican website - very slow to load

Churchnet, a UK based network and information site

The Anglican Communion News Service

The British Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends (Quakers)

The Sea of Faith Network (Don Cupitt and all that)

Greenbelt Christian festival

Holy Joe's - and alternative Christian community within the Anglican communion

Amnesty International UK

St Christopher's, Bahrain - where I used to go to church many years ago

The Bruderhof - exclusive christian sect

The "Charismatic Orthodox Church" - not quite mainstream Orthodoxy

Islam and the Internet

Excellent atheism site

Alternative Judaism

The Anarchist FAQ - a really useful resources

The Fatima Network

Links to monastic religious orders

Jesus Seminar Forum

Introduction to New Religious Movements in .pdf format

Papers from the 2001 CESNUR conference on New Religious Movements

A project to amass a databse of great prayers written by the spiritual visionaries of our planet, representing all life affirming traditions

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Centre for Theology and the Natural Sciences

Feminist theology links and resources

Maori Theology from Aotearoa New Zealand

Theology in, of and for films (movies)

Biblical Theology page (with an emphasis on "biblical") - if you're in to that sort of thing

US rural theology site

Munachi's African Theology Page

Natural Theology links

Hulda Feminist Theology Project

The Urban Theology Unit

Korean perspectives on third world theologies

The Alpha Course - Christianity lite

Pakistani Contextual Theology

Patrick's Zen Christianity

Links to various specific theologies

Paper: Building a New Ecumenism Through Contextual Theology by Mark Ellingsen

Paper: Contextual Theology: Liberation and Indigenization by J. Deotis Roberts, Sr

Paper: Contextual Theology By Paul L. Lehmann

Paper: Re-Reading Theology - contextual theology

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Links to unitarian, universalist theology...and jelly!

The Theology of Sherlock Holmes

Astrology and the Bible...hmmm

Theology of Robots

Test your Pauline knowledge - in German

The Cyberhymnal

Passolini's film "St Matthew" in realvideo format

The Ship of Fools - A lighter look at Christianity, including the Mystery Worshipper

Incantations and Spells to Make High Tech Work

The Song of Solomon for biblical literalists

The Rapture Index - How long till the second coming?

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